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Heating a Greenhouse with BIOMASS FUEL

Portage and Main Boilers shows how to use a biomass or solid fuel heater to heat a greenhouse for food production. Growing food locally and closer to home reduces the carbon footprint of our food. The EnviroChip 500 outdoor wood chip boiler can be used to heat anything from a home or workshop through to greenhouses or aquaponic operations and pools. Call toll free for more details 1-800-561-0700.

Portage & Main Ultimizer Install

At the home of Don Hoffman in Saskatchewan. Installation of the new Ultimizer BL28-40 outdoor wood boiler from Portage and Main. This high-efficiency wood boiler uses refractory cement and fire brick to offer high burn temperatures and reduced fuel consumption. A must see.

Tips and information on seasoning your firewood.

Portage & Main Ultimizer

The Ultimizer BL series outdoor wood boilers from Portage and Main. Refractory brick lined for high efficiency, clean burns and extended longevity. Tried the rest now want the best? Look no further.

Portage & Main EnviroChip Burner

The EnviroChip 500 and 850 biomass boiler systems from Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnaces. This high-efficiency wood chip burner is ideal when large volumes of heat are required and low emissions are a must. Whether it's residential or commercial, the EnviroChip series biomass burners will do the job quickly and cleanly.

Brian Martin discusses the new Ultimizer 

The new Ultimizer BL series conventional wood boiler from Portage and Main. This revolutionary outdoor water furnace bridges the gap between conventional wood boilers and the EPA certified gasification units. High efficiency without the high pricetag.

Factory Tour

Welcome to the Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnace factory tour. See where and how we build your Portage and Main Outdoor Water Furnace.

About Refractory Brick 

Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnaces/Boilers employ heavy duty refractory brick to increase temperatures, reduce emissions, reduce interior moisture and protect the firebox. This feature has been present in the P&M wood gasifier units for several years and has now been adapted for the conventional wood boiler lineup. Learn more about what sets Portage & Main apart from the competition. 

Ultimizer Construction Facts 

The Portage and Main BL28-40 Outdoor Wood Furnace/Boiler for hydronic heating. Heats up to 4,000 square feet. Double welded construction and refractory brick lining make for years of trouble-free operation and low emissions.