wood gasification v2

EGR Optimizer Wood Gasification

Not just a pretty face, this boiler is a heavy weight and is packed with energy saving features. The EGR Optimizer burns all types of seasoned wood. This gasification boiler is built with some of the same principals as commercial industrial boilers – dry based, sectional design, efficient multi-pass fire tube heat exchanger.

When you purchase an EGR Optimizer Wood Gasification model, you will burn a lot less wood and get more heat and comfort. You will enjoy a consistent burn that will heat your home, garage and barn all at the same time. Keep the mess and the danger out of your home - all this warmth while enjoying a quick return on your investment.


Extensive Refractory

The extensive refractory lining of the burn and reaction chambers absorb the high temperatures produced and promote a clean, hot, dry burn. A high efficiency heat exchanger is required to capture this heat for optimum efficiency.


Most efficient design of heat exchanger

The Portage & Main EGR has not just one, but two high efficiency flue tube heat exchangers. This makes our brand one of the most efficient, most modern gasification units on the market today. Time tested and proven – this type of flue tube heat exchanger was the most efficient design 150 years ago and is still the most efficient design today.

Optimal heat extraction saves the work and cost involved in burning wood.

What it means for you!

The EGR Optimzer Wood Gasification model burns all types of seasoned dry wood - achieves even more savings for you.