The Stoker Series

This multi-fuel boiler gives you the option to burn either coal or pellets. It will burtn 1/3 to 1/2 less fuel than any other conventional outdoor boilers. The auger feed bin system provides the convenience of having an efficient outdoor boiler that operates for extended periods of time without user input. Virtually smokeless, the Stoker series will heat 10,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft.


The Stoker series burns coal, wood pellets, oat hulls, grass pellets, sunflower hulls, cherry pips – basically any biomass that will flow from a storage bin - it even removes its own ashes. 


No daily filling required
The autofeed systems lend themselves well to buying your fuel in bulk which saves money - fill your bin once every season.

Peace of mind, safety and convenience
Unlike an indoor stove, their is no fire hazard inside your home, no messy fuel, ashes or smoke.  Fire insurance premiums have event been known to decrease.
Easy to use
The water temperature is controlled with an easy to read aquastat, including display features.  Surfaces are insulated or water cooled for safe operation

Benefits for you and the environment 
Minimize the use of expensive fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, fuel oil and electricity. Reduce dependency on foreign oil and keep your energy dollars circulation in your local economy.


What it means for you!

Day In - night Out... The stoker model will feed itself, so you don’t have to!