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Dan and Marie Tourigny
Dan and Marie Tourigny

We are pleased to provide you our recommendation for the indoor boiler EGR 100 unit. We recently built a new house in Northeastern Ontario and for many years prior to the built we’ve spent numerous hours researching for an indoor wood boiler that would fit all of our expectations and needs to heat our house. EGR delivered! We have the privilege of using the wood boiler for the last 4 months and we find the unit very sturdy, serviceable, practical, efficient and economical. We are very pleased with the service and warranty your company has offered to date. During this winter season, we’ve used approximately one cord per one and a half weeks to heat the house and garage totaling roughly 4000 sq ft. Therefore, as a consumer, the EGR 100 indoor wood boiler unit is definitely meeting all of our needs to date and we truly recommend this model.

Mark and Andrea Nyseth
Mark and Andrea Nyseth

Feb 9, 2016
Mark and Andrea Nyseth,
Eleva, Wisconsin

The P&M BL2840 we purchased from Strawbale Farms is a great unit.
This is our third year of running it and the performance has been 100% accurate.
We previously owned a Woodmaster 4400 and the P&M is a far better boiler IMO. It burns hotter, cleaner, alot less wood and very easy to maintain. I wish we would have purchased a P&M to start with.
It is a very high quality built unit. We are 100% satisfied with our P&M and the great customer service. We would definitely highly recommend a P&M.

Jon Rossman
Jon Rossman

``I just wanted to say thanks and give you folks some big props! My new Ultimizer BL28-40 is simply an outstanding unit. We've been buring wood in an OWB for 20 years and no other manufacturer comes even close. There's no comparison...(Portage and Main) really has their act together. Alot of other companies out there are full of cr*p, this machine does exactly what they say it does. We expect to use half the wood we used to which means I can spend more time hunting and fishing with my boy! ``

Byron Long
Byron Long

This will be our 4th year heating our home and 40x65 shop with our Portage and Main outdoor boiler ... I can't say enough good about it! Already paid for itself, it was easy to set up and use, hands down the only way to go! Great customer service and very personable staff, fast service ... and tips over the phone even! Fantastic investment and product. Thanks P&M!

Troy Dahlgren
Troy Dahlgren

The BL 3444 we purchased from Dave Jacoby at Strawbale Farms is awesome! Have no trouble keeping the kids warm 72° 5000sqft. The first year I had it running we used 90 gallons of LP for 13 month period. This runs cook top, dryer and on demand water heater. The neighbor used 800 gallons with half the house and 68° on the thermostat.
Troy Dahlgren
Dahlgren Construction lnc.
Hugo, MN

Ron Lampreau
Ron Lampreau

``I Absolutely Love My Portage & Main Boiler``
I absolutely love my Portage and Main Boiler, can't say enough good about it. I travel for my work and I know without a doubt that my wife can load the boiler and I do not ever worry about it. Jim (my dealer) has been such a big help, my only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.``

This heating season (2014-2015) was awesomel We saved approxiately $1750.00 on hydro bills..

Jim and Robin McRae
Jim and Robin McRaeCustomer

This Portage and Main furnace, BL3444, is our third boiler and we finally got it right!

We started out with a competitor’s conventional model which did heat our two houses but had a tremendous appetite. After six years we traded it back to our dealer on a gasification model. It lived up to their claims of using 40% less wood but it was a pain to clean out all those pipes. When it sprung a leak after five years, a major overhaul was needed but this happened in January. While waiting to hear about our warrantee application, we started looking at other companies.

We decided to purchase the Portage and Main furnace. The head office in Saskatchewan has been great to deal with and we got the new stove in our yard when we really needed it!

We got it hooked up and have been more than pleased. We can say that the BL3444 is comparable in wood consumption to our previous gasification stove. The blower under the fire box is great and cleaning the unit is a breeze. This unit is very well designed and built.

Thank you to Brian Martin and his team.

Jim and Robin McRae

Vankleek Hill, Ontario

 Bryan Patterson
Bryan Patterson

We have a 1200 Sq Ft House, a 22x16 Garage with a high ceiling and all our home water that we used to heat with propane. We decided to try and find a cheaper solution so went to the internet to do some research. We finally decided to look into wood hot water boilers. After doing our home work we went to Kijiji to see if we could find what we were looking for and low and behold, there it was. We had researched several different makes and models of boilers and had decided on a Canadian Made, Portage and Main Boiler. The Kijiji ad was to a dealer near us, called Boilers Plus. I contacted them and they invited us down to their shop to show us the product. Tim was great in providing all the information and specs on the model we picked. We loved the design, the brick lining and the fact that is was Canadian Made. But most of all, we liked the small water tank...that meant less water to treat and a faster heat transfer rate. We have only had the boiler since June so can not tell you at this point how many cords of wood we will burn in a year but, since we have lots of trees on our property it is not a big concern. I can tell you, it sure is a lot cheaper than heating all our house hold water, our house and the shop with propane. The boiler was a snap to install, I did it all myself but know if I needed help, Tim was close by for help and advise. Very satisfied with the product and service from the folks at Portage and Main Boilers.

Reiner Thoni
Reiner ThoniCustomer

After scouring every source possible I settled on a Portage and Main Ultimizer BL34-44 OWF. Other boilers did have a slightly better sales price but dont even come close to the quality and craftsmanship of portage and Main. Now that I have installed it in our home and have looked at other boilers running in the valley there is no way I would go any other way, not a chance. I could go on and on about the advantages but just want to confirm them and recommend looking them up if your interested. Our boiler has run flawlessly and the only concern I have is that it way exceeded my expatiation's on how efficient it is, I was expecting it to be closer to other brands I have seen in the valley. This gives us allot of extra capacity and because it goes into hibernation cycles when there isnt a big demand we get very long burn times well over 24 hours if were just heating our 2400 sqf house. We live off the grid and plan to use the extra capacity for a green house, generating electricity (ORC generator), hot pool, and a heated garage. Jim who runs slashyourheatingcosts and distributes Portage and Main in BC is very knowledgeable, passionate and helpful. Its a family run business his son delivered the boiler right to our property, helped unload it and gave us the run down. It doesn't get better then this and the only reason I'm writing this review is because I'm truly impressed. No more splitting wood, no smoke in the house or out side for that matter, no having to start fires, I find my self loading in 4ft pieces once a day. It takes me a day and a half to cut enough wood for the winter I wouldn't want to imagine how much that would cost in propane. Very good investment.
all the best

Daniel Blackmer
Daniel Blackmer

Oct 29, 2015
Daniel Blackmer, Waterford, North West Pennsylvania.

I own a 3 bedroom with a den, 2 full bathrooms a full basement and all the rooms that go along with it. I had an old wood burning boiler that had seen its last days and it was time to start looking for something to replace it with, so I headed to the internet. I am getting a little older and didn't want to have to worry about cutting so much wood anymore, so I decided to look into a coal burner furnace. Once I got online and started to look at boilers and their reviews, everywhere I looked, people were talking about the Portage and Main Boilers and how they were number one.
I looked into Portage and Main's web site and found the closes dealer to me (Richardson's in New Williamstown, PA.) I contacted them and went down to have a look at their products. I found the boilers well constructed, heavier than most other furnaces. They were sturdy and well designed. Richardson's then pasted me on to Brian Martin, up in Prince Albert, to get even more information. Everyone was very helpful and informative. It didn't take me long to decide on their BL2840 Coal Shaker model. It burns coal and can burn wood if I need it to. The perfect fit for me. I have just finished installing it and plan on lighting it up as soon as it gets cold enough. I hope to do an updated review and let everyone know how the system works for me and perhaps even send some pictures. Thanks to the whole gang at Portage and Main for making my decision so much easier.

Lon Peterson
Lon Peterson

I bought my stove from Dave Jacoby at Strawbale Farms in Feb 2015 and couldn't be happier. I saved over 3 cords of wood over my previous stove.Not only saving on wood but my electric bill went down also.It took less wood to achieve the same comfort level. The stove kept the water temperature up with less wood.I think it's the best out there!! Lon Peterson Foxboro wi

 George Lariviere
George Lariviere

``Before we got our Portage and Main we were spending $4500 a year on oil to heat our house. This year our bill was only $800. We're very happy with (our Optimizer 250), it gasifies tremendously and all that comes out of the chimney is steam. Our local dealer is just excellent too...I'd definately recommend Portage and Main to others.``

Bob Weir
Bob Weir

3 Things to Avoid with P & M Boilers
If you are reading this review, you probably are shopping for a wood boiler. I did a lot of research, made a lot of miles looking at different boilers and found out that they are all good. but, because I was replacing a ``different brand`` boiler that had failed; I wanted to make sure I made a better choice this time. After using my Portage and Main boiler I am sure I have made a good choice.

The only problems caused by the Portage and Main boiler are.

1. It used to take a month for me to cut my wood. now, with my new P and M it only takes me a week. My lovely wife thinks because I don’t have to cut all that wood any longer I should weed the garden. I think I should go fishing, watch football and have a few pops. You see the problem.

2. My friend thinks that since I don’t need all that room in my woodshed anymore, that, he should be able to store his mother in laws stuff in there.

3. The local Husquavarna dealer, is a great guy and he thinks I am buying all my gloves, chainsaw files, oil, chainsaw blades and chains somewhere else.
i explained to him, that I don’t use as much wood anymore. he said, don’t tell anybody else about that stove or I will be out of business.

You know what? If you want to burn less wood, make less smoke, and have a boiler with a great team behind it, You will be making a mistake if you don’t take a long look at the P and M boiler.

Marcel and Amanda Lepage
Marcel and Amanda Lepage Customers
My wife and I have been in our old block house for 4 years now, and let me tell you it was/is full of drafts. It was originally heated by a wood/oil combo forced air system in the basement and we were unable to keep the house very consistent let alone very warm on cold nights. We live just outside Renfrew, Ontario and some winter nights were nearing -40 Celsius! I recall our final year heating with our indoor system having to get up every hour and fifteen minutes to go to the basement and stoke the fire just to keep the house above 16 Celsius or 61 Fahrenheit, and every trip it was 26 stairs down 26 stairs up, so I got my winters work outs. The next summer seeing we were burning 20+ single cords of wood, my wife and I decided that an outdoor wood boiler was a must! After extensive research and 2 farm shows I knew which brand it had to be "Portage & Main". I got in touch with our local dealer Sean Plunkett and had what can only be described as possibly the best customer service that anyone could receive. My wife working shift work as a nurse, he had come out to help at some crazy hours to meet scheduling needs to get all set up for the winter to come. Now having this unit up and running through some mighty cold nights, I can say all of the claims of 1/3 less wood burnt and the efficiency of this unit are "Spot on". I heat my water which has dropped my hydro bill by about $50/month, but the real benefit is the average of 12hrs between fill ups of wood, and for me that is what allows for a full night sleep with the house at a consistent 25 Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit! Yes my wife loves the heat! I am only writing this as a very very satisfied customer to hopefully help anyone on their decision on a outdoor wood boiler!
Tim Hugg
Tim HuggCustomer
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my new EGR250 wood boiler, from the initial contact with you and your company, to the delivery and operation, everything has been fantastic. First of all, whenever I buy a big ticket item like this, I research and learn everything about it that I can. Nothing feels worse than a big dollar mistake. You know this because I believe I contacted you about a year before I decided to buy, and was in touch several times. After reading all I could and going through about 20 brochures from various companies, and some farm and outdoor shows, your design and product came out on top. Although I have just started my first heating season with the EGR250, I can truly say that I am impressed far beyond my expectations. This unit outperforms my old Freedom Outdoor furnace (now out of business like many) by far. The biggest thing I can’t get over is how little wood I am using compared to my older conventional wood boiler. I am now heating 2432 square feet, plus have a 175 foot pipe run to my garage now and am heating the 800 square feet lower floor of that. No more wood stove to light and worry about down there, I just walk in and it’s warm. The best part of this whole thing is that even when adding that extra square footage, I am still burning less than half the wood so far. That is fantastic. At this rate I could even afford to buy wood and it would be cheaper than other heating fuels that could come in handy as I get older and the maintenance is pretty simple to do also. Usually once a week I do about a 20 minute cleaning and I am done. Clean out ports are nicely located for ash removal and the heat exchanger tubes brush clean in a jiffy. The extra refractory you guys added in this unit keeps a nice coal bed as well, when the unit is idling, insuring a quick startup and return to set point when the boiler calls for heat. The simple control panel is easy to setup and understand. Being an electrician for 32 years I believe the less complicated you make things the better. Just enough technology to make something work is a winning design in my book. The beauty of simplicity cannot be overstated. In closing thanks again for a great experience, and a great boiler. I obviously am not a writer, but will always give you an honest opinion, good or bad. Feel free to have any of your customers, potential or existing, contact me anytime, and I will happily relay my experience.
Ruth and Rosie Covill
Ruth and Rosie CovillCustomers
We have been heating our home for almost two years now with the outdoor furnace Ultimizer series BL 2840 and are very happy with our purchase. We recommend your company Portage and Main to everyone we meet. Also very pleased that it is efficient and saving us on our usage of wood. Thanks
Christine Earle and Keith Sheach
Christine Earle and Keith SheachCustomers
We recently bought a Portage and Main boiler from you through your representative in the Ottawa area Sean Plunkett of Green Heating Solutions. Sean arranged delivery of the boiler and carried out the installation. To say the least, the installation did not go smoothly, through no-one's fault various issues were uncovered ( drainage problems in particular) that required additional work, or changes to the original plan. However throughout Sean took these problems in his stride, and kept us fully informed of both the problems and his recommendations for solutions. This gave us a great deal of confidence that the work was being addressed professionally and cost effectively. Sean spent considerably more time on our installation that originally estimated, but non the less work efficiently and consistently until the install was complete to our satisfaction. The final billing was transparent and free from "surprises" in spite of a considerable amount of extra work the installation entailed. We were now very happy with our boiler which has worked consistently and efficiently, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Portage and Main, and Mr. Plunkett in particular, to our friends and neighbors. Thank you all, and particulary Sean.
Cindy & William Cragg
Cindy & William Cragg
My husband and I have been together 14 years, married 8. As long as I can remember, it has been our dream to escape the city and move out to the country in our beautiful state of WV. Additionally, my husband's dream was to install an outdoor wood boiler at this dream country home. After many hours of intense research, he informed me that the only boiler he wanted was a P&M. However, we quickly realized it was going to be out of our budget to purchase one. We were making concessions already to be able to purchase a boiler and install it, and a P&M was just out of our range. It seemed the stars aligned and a nice man about 20 miles away was selling his brand new P&M unit and agreed to hold the unit for us until we closed on our new home. It had never even been taken out of the packaging used to ship it. What were the odds that at the exact time we wanted to buy a P&M boiler, there would be one within our price range in our area?! We closed on our new home and THAT DAY my husband made the trip down to pay him for the boiler. I have honestly never seen my husband so happy. This was a dream realized through hard work, determination, and constant faith that good things come to those who work hard. We installed the boiler just in time for winter and I am so happy to inform you that we are beyond thrilled with our unit. We own a tree service so we have an abundance of wood and this boiler has allowed us to move toward self sustainability and freedom from electric heat. My husband did the installation completely on his own by watching YouTube videos and talking to a few other men that we who have boilers. From digging the lines, cutting through the foundation, to drawing diagrams of how the lines would run to the heating unit and hot water tank...he tackled it all on his own. He came through for us and I couldn't be more proud of him or the job he has done. He has showed it off to all of our friends who have boilers. I can happily report they all now wish they owned a Portage & Main unit!
Darryl Derstine
Darryl Derstine Customer
We use our P & M Boiler to heat our domestic water and to help heat the house. We run it pretty much 24/7 year around burning mixed hardwood cant ends including a lot of green gum blocks. It works, and it will make way more hot water than we normally use so LONG, HOT showers are certainly a possibility. It is set up to heat the floor of the 16 thousand square foot gym via pipe in the concrete floor. It burns donated ground up pallets.
Terry & Cathy Staples
Terry & Cathy Staples Customers
I purchased the Portage & Main Outdoor Water Furnace BL-28-40 in 2013. Our house is 2200 sq.ft. and heats up very nice with a steady heat. The furnace is of high quality. It is efficient and easy to maintain. We have all the hot water we need, having 2 teenagers, my wife and I are very happy with this unit. There is great customer service over the phone or by e-mail. I would highly recommend this Portage & Main Unit.
Connie & Alex delaMorandiere
Connie & Alex delaMorandiereCustomers
This is our second year with our Portage & Main Outdoor wood boiler and we absolutely LOVE IT! We cut the wood from our property and really appreciate that all the mess stays in our yard and not hauled into the house. The dirt and dust stays where it belongs - outside, although I must confess, the smell of the wood fired smoke in the air is intoxicating. I find the heat inside very even and non irritating to my lungs - all without the dust that the regular furnace creates. We are proud to show off our new system to all our visitors, and encourage them to consider this type of heating for their own homes.
Joey Bruner
Joey Bruner Customer
I am in my third year operating Portage and Main's BL28-40. Currently I am heating a 34 x 50 shop and 2000 plus sq ft home. Weather in KY has not been, lets say severe, but so far the BL series has has NO problem heating both buildings. I have radiant heat in both and absolutely cannot say enough about the Portage and Main BL series. Design, Functionality and simplicity are just a few words that come to mind when someone asks me about my boiler. I have shown and sold a few out of state visitors on the BL series with no sales on my part. The product sold itself. I'd be happy to show anyone my setup. The only thing I would change if I had to do over would be to install a wood boiler 20 years ago. Keep manufacturing a great product!
 Craig, Brian & Kevin Munro
Craig, Brian & Kevin MunroCustomers
My Father, uncle and I purchased and installed three boilers in our homes several years ago as we have access to an abundance of hardwood to burn from our property. We were looking for a more economical way to heat our homes, and, with a lot of research, my father recommended that we go with a Portage & Main. My family and I are currently in our third winter heating our home with a Portage and Main boiler and love it. Our old family farm house is bit lax in the way of insulation and it had previously cost a fortune using an oil furnace to try to keep the place remotely warm. Now we are saving quite a bit of money and the upkeep & maintenance is very easy. We have had no issues and it continues to be as reliable since the date of install. I highly recommend any looking to purchase and outdoor boiler to go with a Portage and Main.
Don Fleury
Don Fleury Customer
While researching wood boiler manufacturers I came across the Portage and Main boilers. I particularly liked a highly informative video by an end user named Steve Maxwell. The amount of detail and enthusiasm he reviewed his personal boiler with is what finalized my decision to go with Portage and Main. ( you can find his video on the internet just search Steve Maxwell Wood Boiler). The Portage and Main boilers are built from a very well thought out design. The design is simple and built to perform. The simple and robust design lends its self to trouble free operation. After the first three winters of using my Portage and Main to heat a 1600 sqft house and a 3000 sqft shop I am thoroughly impressed with my boiler. I simply light the boiler in the Fall and let it burn to a stop int he Spring, cleaning once per month to be proactive. I burn a mixture of wood and have very little ash and creosote formation. I have had neighbors comment on how clean my boiler burns compared to other brands installed in the area. After mentioning the Portage and Main to a friend experiencing issues with another brand, I helped him install a Portage and Main this past fall. The performance he has experienced with Portage and Main compared to his former boiler is night and day difference. His Portage and Main reliably get 2-3 times longer burn times on a fill. Cracking/leaking/relighting daily are no longer issues he(nor his wife?) has to contend with. When you buy a boiler to heat your home or business you are buying an asset and the purchase should be well thought out. This is not a decision to take lightly, you don't want to have issues in -35C weather with a piece of equipment that need to be reliable. After doing extensive research on the boilers available, witnessing first hand the issue with other boiler brands and running my boiler trouble free, there is no doubt that i made the correct decision to go with the Portage and Main.
Phil & Lynn DesMazes
Phil & Lynn DesMazesCreative Director
We installed this furnace in May 2016 and it heats our 1100 sq ft.Log home with full basement and vaulted ceiling in the kitchen/living room area, plus through a flat plate Heat exchanger heats our domestic hot water. A second line heats out 24' x 42' garage/workshop building with a 10' high ceiling. Distance from the furnace to inside of the house (basement) is 150 ' and from the furnace to the garage is 75'. I burn a spruce/cedar mixture in the early fall and late winter, and a mixture of birch, fir, hemlock during the cold days of winter. We keep the house at 21c and the garage at 8-10c. My measured estimate of wood usage is 6-7 cords!! This furnace is incredibly efficient and wonderful to operate. I love leveling out the coals prior to putting in wood, especially when the automatic fan kicks in. It's like a giant tiger torch!! Typically, I fill the furnace around 5 pm in the afternoon. Then about 7am the next morning, I level the coals and fill it about half full.This cuts down on any creosote and keep a hot fire for heating. If I fill it completely full it will provide adequate heat for 24-36 hours depending on the outside temperature. My only regret is, I didn't install the bl 2840 furnace 5 years earlier when they first came out. Before this we had 2 different models of inside wood fired furnaces with forced air and smoke. Now we have wonderful clean forced air heat, with no mess, smoke, soot or bugs in the house! Finally, our winter electricity bills are about $80.00/month less, primarily due to the plate heat exchanger for the domestic hot water.
Carl Jowett
Carl Jowett

I've had a P&M for the last 5 years, I love this furnace. I'm 77 years old and grew up burning wood all my life, my P&M works beautifully. The controls are easy, it's easy to maintain...had lots of people come look at it and some have said they're going to buy one too.``

DeVere and Judy Noakes
DeVere and Judy Noakes

“``We got the new Ultimizer this past year, it's really a superior unit...I like the way the air comes in from under the fire. It's like a blowtorch! It does a tremendous job heating our 150 year old heritage home and there's no creosote building up.``

Al Whitlam
Al Whitlam

We got our Portage and Main this year and it does a hell of good job. Had a (different make) before but our P&M is so much more efficient. It's a great design and I would recommend it to anyone. It burns so completely there are hardly any ashes to clean out.

Greg Dinsmore
Greg DinsmoreCustomer
Bought Stove 6 years ago First 3 years had paid for stove with the savings in oil. The furnace is heating a 3500 sq ft house and a 3000 Sq ft shop; loves the fact that the furnace is very efficient and reliable. Had been looking at other wood stoves and was told about the gasification units. Started to do his research and learned that our gasification unit burn less smoke which is much cleaner for the environment and they are much more efficient all the way around as it burns approximately 12 cord a year. This is the first break down in six years; and just the blower fan surprised it has not gone and it is still running with the original seals and gaskets. I know people that have bought other products and the portage and main boilers are far supreme. Sincerely, Greg Dinsmore
Margaret Peacock
Margaret Peacock Customer
This is the 2nd winter we have had our Ultimizer BL 2840 Portage and Main furnace. We heat our house which is 28X60 and our shop is 20X30 . We like that the heat stays at a constant temperature in the house. We save on electricity bills by heating our water . No more worries about chimney fires . All the mess from the wood is outside . Our furnace is very efficient on wood . A very good investment .
Bob German
Bob GermanCustomer
I have had a Portage and Main wood boiler for 8 years. I have followed the recommended maintenance schedule and It is working excellent. I would recommend Heat Smart Plus Inc., their service and products have been very good for me.
Mike Budd
Mike BuddCustomer
I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with my boiler. It's -22 in the Okanagan and I'm heating 9000 square feet plus domestic hot water for two families with the 250! I'm getting 9-10 burn time using pine and fir. I've got to say I'm very impressed and now that I've got things "tuned" up, cleaning the tubes and firebox is an easy 15 minute weekly job. It's truly a satisfying sound when I hear the "rumble" of the gasifying taking place deep down in the furnace and the tell tale sign of very little exhaust other than steam exiting the chimney! The weather sucks here right now but the boiler rocks! ( you might have guessed I don't like cold)
Rhonda and Brian Van Der Voort
Rhonda and Brian Van Der Voort Customers
After extensive research about outdoor wood boilers the research became overwhelming to why many competitors felt their stoves were superior to others. It seemed every salesman we talk to said theirs was the best on the market. After weighing the pros and cons we decided to go with the Portage and Main model #BL 2840. We previously heated with propane and since changing over to the wood boiler have never looked back. Yes, at the beginning there is an initial cost that is substantial to setting up and starting the new heat source. After our 3rd winter heating with this system, our boiler is paid for and heating is very efficient. We use the stove to heat our home, hot domestic water, 2400 sq ft shop, and hot tub. In the summer we plan to heat our swimming pool, hot tub and hot water while also cleaning up the dead wood in our brush and saving money in hydro. Our wood source come easily to us as we live on a well treed property and also have an arborist in the area that is always looking to drop off wood that he removes from properties. You do not need to burn top quality wood however it operates more efficiently on seasoned wood. The stove is very easy to maintain and only requires filling every 12 hours and routine cleaning and ash removal as needed. Since we liked our wood boiler system so much we have now partnered with Heat Smart Plus and have taken to advertising locally to offer this excellent system to other home owners, farmers in our area. We are looking forward to the future with Heat Smart Plus and to serving this area of Simcoe County.
Dale Larson
Dale LarsonCustomer
Portage and Main brand water furnaces (Boilers) are built to last. My father purchased a ML 36 in 1999 and we heated 3550 Sq ft with this furnace till the fall of 2017. It burnt 36 semi loads of wood in that time and still was in decent shape when I stopped using it. In its life of 18 years, we had incidences where the unit boiled over and all were due to unpredicted circumstances. The fire chamber did not warp nor did it burn out. We burnt mostly white poplar wood instead of coniferous, which in my opinion extended the years of the furnace. I replaced it with a BL 28-40 Ultimizer, which I am finding to be very efficient and clean burning. I have only been using it for a short period of time and am confident that the Portage and Main Ultimizer is and will continue to be a good investment. I purchased the Ultimizer BL 28-40 furnace from Brian Martin at Heat Smart Plus in Prince Albert, Sk who was very helpful and knowledgeable. Paul who also works for Heat Smart Plus Inc, delivered and installed the furnace to my place in Robinhood, Sask. He helped me set the furnace up and he hooked up the coolant lines and filled and purged the system to make sure all the air was eliminated. He was very thorough, and stayed until he was confident that the system was operating properly. Thank you Heat Smart Plus for all your assistance.
Jamie Lange
Jamie Lange Customer
I started off looking at a gasifier. I wanted to be able to find a boiler that would cut down on my fuel consumption by 30-40% and have done extensive research on the various different outdoor boiler designs. I looked at Heatmaster, Central Boiler, Heatmor , Crown Royal and Portage and Main. I ended up purchasing a Portage and main Ultimizer BL-3444. My reasons for going with Portage and main were very simple: It is very hard to turn down a quality product that is made by a quality company! Their design makes sense and has been tested and true! Other companies that I looked into had a great product as well, but none of them compared to the Ultimizer! The refractory brick with the double bypass is incredibly efficient. I almost went with a different company until I found out that there was no guaranty that the refractory brick would last 5 years and that it could cost as much as $1500.00 to replace!!!! The second reason is because of the company. I spent a lot of time talking to Brian about their boilers. Brian was very patient with me gave me and walked me through the difference of all of the different Brands. He was never negative about any brand. He just shared the facts. Other Brands were very negative about other Brands and were very quick to cut others down. Brian gave me names and numbers of people locally that have purchased and used Portage and Main Boilers. Every single one of them had a positive experience and where impressed with the efficiency of the BL series. Portage and Main is a company that stands on integrity and character! You cannot put a price on that!!
Robert Bell
Robert Bell Customer
I have owned an E. Classic 2300 for the past 8 1/2 years, I have been very frustrated and disappointed in its performance and the amount of maintenance it needed. I have during the past year done extensive research and asking many owners of different makes and models to determine which outdoor wood gasification boiler would be the very best for me. I heat a 3000 sq ft old farm house and a 1000 sq ft garage and my hot water supply. I have decided on a Portage and Main EGR 250 for the following reasons: - Portage and Main's excellent reputation for building a high quality Outdoor Wood Boiler. - Service and technical support in my area is also excellent. Three things about the Portage and Main Gasifier that stand out above the competition: 1) Extra refractory lining 2) Two sets of heat exchanges 3) Sectional design Before making a final decision it was very important to me to speak with owners of the EGR 250. Since I have owned a gasifier which in my opinion was poorly engineered, I had many questions about the EGR 250. One important piece of information was to know if the air supply inlets to the main fire box ever clogged and accumulated creosote or ash. All of the owners I spoke with stated that there was absolutely no ash or creosote buildup in the air supply chambers. I believe the extra refractory lining helps to prevent creosote problems. Since I was being more cautious and doing more research before buying this time. I also called directly to Portage and Main to ask questions. Brian Martin who owns the company always patiently answered my questions and satisfied my concerns. So I am having an EGR 250 installed January 27,2018. I will follow up with a user report after I operate it for the rest of the winter.
Allen Rudolph
Allen RudolphCustomer
Compared to the old stove I LOVE it!!! There is very little smoke when I fill it. It is basically 5% cleaning compared to 80% on the old stove. Less smoke in the yard and not as toxic of a smoke. Its a cheaper heat; compared to my brother's old oil furnace we are heating two houses for the cost of him heating one. Love it, less work!! The old one had to be burned out with a tiger torch to get rid of the tar. This one hasn't had to be touched, just scraped and that's it.
Ken & Ingrid Madahbee
Ken & Ingrid MadahbeeCustomers
This is our 3rd outdoor wood boiler and by far has been the best we have purchased. We are quite pleased with this unit and is no way comparable with are past units that we have purchased elsewhere. With that being said we would recommend your product to whomever is looking to purchase something of this nature. Thank you very much Portage and Main for keeping us cozy in the harsh weather out here on Manitoulin Island ( Lake Huron).
Ernst Zellweger - Nook in the Woods
Ernst Zellweger - Nook in the WoodsCustomer
We have been using a Portage and Main wood burning furnace since 2007. We are heating our house, store and work shop, which also includes in floor heating in the house & store. We use mostly clean, carbon neutral and efficient. We are very pleased with our wood burning furnace and recommend it as an alternate heat source. There is a bit of a learning curve for proper usage of the furnace, such as stacking the wood in the furnace and maintaining a proper fire. Here are some helpful hints, which we have experienced; - Ensure you alternate the size of logs when loading the furnace - Rake the ashes down at least once or twice a day to ensure efficient air flow for best burning results. This greatly helps reduce creosote formation - We found for best results to use well seasoned wood. Should anyone want to see our furnace operation, you are more then welcome to come and see us at: Nook in the woods, 59204 Range Road 233, Thorhild, AB, T0A 3J0 or call us on our toll free number 1-877-398-2075 with questions.