PM Ultimizer Coal2

Ultimizer Coal Series

The Ultimizer coal shaker grate model - the original shaker grate.
This model is unsurpassed in efficiency, reliability, and long lasting durability. Save time, labor and thousands of dollars in fuel over the years. Both the Ultimizer shaker grate coal and wood burning models share many of the same quality features, such as the all important refractory cement lining which retains heat and encourages proper combustion.

With water temperatures going from 50 to 180 degrees in less than one hour - that’s the fastest recovery time in the industry!


Revolutionary Design

The Ultimizer uses a revolutionary design to eliminate the problems associated (until now) with outdoor boilers. ie. smoke, creosote, moisture, corrosion

The heat retaining refractory lining directs heat back into the burn chamber. This is where heat is extracted from the combustion gases and the smoke is burnt, rather than exiting the chimney. The extra heat generated eliminates creosote and moisture and prevents corrosion.


Hotter Temperatures with proper use of oxygen and fuel = Proper Combustion

• Higher temperatures make complete combustion possible;
• A cleaner and more efficient burn;
• Eliminates creosote, moisture and their damaging effects;
• A dryer, longer-lasting outdoor boiler;
• Clean burning efficiency without the extra cost of an EPA gasification boiler;
• A smarter design means smarter combustion.

What it means for you!

It won't make you rich but it will save you money - and time!